2000: A Bigger and Better 2001

BY: Ronnie Ross     ronnie@badcodisc.com

With the new year comes a new attitude and goals. One of which is a brand new park. We are ready to approach Denver Parks and Recreation regarding Paco Sanchez Park near Mile High Stadium. The park has several elevation changes and a river winding from end to end.
A big thanks to Rod Baca, Jason Rosenbaum and Josh Morgan for coming out to play the park and the suggestions they provided. They will play a large part in designing the park. We’d like to thank Mike Livingston for putting all our stuff on his website and for the practice basket and many other things.

There was a meeting held with Denver Parks and Recreation and only one BADCO member, Mike Livingston, was able to attend. This leads me to believe Denver doesn’t have enough positive input from golfers or the general public. We would appreciate all letters in support of disc golf and disc golf courses in the Colorado region.

Address letters to BADCO 260 W. 80th Ave. Denver, CO 80221.

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