2002: Englewood FunFest Demo

BY: Jeff Panis
September 17, 2002
After browsing badcodisc.com, the Director for the Englewood Parks & Recreation Department contacted BADCO asking if the club would participate in the city’s annual FunFest event. Dubbed as ‘An Olde Tyme Fair’, the festival took place August 24-25, 2002 at Miller Field near downtown Englewood, Colorado.
The event offers many activities, such as a climbing wall, Tug of War, Arts and Crafts and now disc golf, all for a $1 admission fee.BADCO members Ronnie Ross and Brett Marshall setup three disc golf baskets and a booth to demonstrate the sport to those who attended. Over 400 individuals, men and women ages 2 to 80, experienced the demo. For many it was their first exposure to disc golf and, based on the how crowded the booth was, they enjoyed their experience.Ronnie and Brett had the opportunity to talk about the sport to city officials, beginning dialogue of possible development for disc golf in the Englewood area.

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